(A)   The position of Hearing Officer is hereby established to serve in a decision-making capacity in the minor zoning variance process. The Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals shall serve as the Hearing Officer. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall serve as the Hearing Officer.
   (B)   The Hearing Officer shall have all of the powers and duties specifically assigned in this chapter, including the following general duties and responsibilities:
      (1)   Establish rules of procedure and other rules as deemed necessary, not in conflict with state law;
      (2)   Compel the attendance of witnesses at hearings on minor zoning variances and administer oaths;
      (3)   File minutes of all proceedings and any written recommendations from any county department, State’s Attorney, or other official bodies and keep records of examinations and other official actions;
      (4)   File immediately in the office of the Zoning Board of Appeals all rules and regulations and amendments or repeals thereof, and every order, requirement, decision, or determination. These shall become public records; and
      (5)   Hear and decide applications for minor zoning variances, as provided in § 151.056(C); provided, however, that the Hearing Officer may refer any minor zoning variance application to the Zoning Board of Appeals for hearing and decision and shall do so whenever there is reason to question the Hearing Officer’s ability to conduct an unbiased hearing or render an impartial decision.
(Ord., § 2.4, passed 10-13-2009)