Landscaping within subdivisions shall be provided in accordance with the standards of this section. Unless otherwise provided in this section, the Director shall be authorized to modify the standards in this section.
   (A)   Street landscaping.
      (1)   Plant quantities shall be calculated using a minimum standard of two trees for each 100 feet of street length. When applicable, each side of a street shall be calculated independently. Trees shall be arranged along the street right-of-way to create a natural-randomized appearance in the streetscape.
      (2)   Tree species shall be limited to those listed in Appendix A, and other tree types expressly approved by the Township Highway Commissioner.
      (3)   Trees shall be at least three inches in caliper size.
      (4)   The trees shall generally be placed between the sidewalk and right-of-way line for streets with closed drainage and at least 30 feet from the centerline of the right-of-way for streets with open drainage. Tree locations shall be approved by the Township Highway Commissioner and the County Engineer.
      (5)   All trees located in the street right-of-way shall be the property of the Township Road District.
   (B)   Peripheral landscaping. Any proposed residential subdivision of 25 acres or greater which adjoins an existing residential development shall install a landscape buffer consisting of one plant unit per 100 linear feet as close to the common boundary as possible. Plant material existing on the proposed subdivision site along the common boundary that has comparable composition and density may be used to satisfy this requirement, as authorized by the Director of Planning, Building and Development.
(Ord., § 10.15, passed 10-13-2009; Ord. passed - -)