(A)   When a developer has no immediate development plans for a portion of the land to be subdivided, the portion may be excluded from the legally described subdivision, provided the remnant parcel conforms to the lot width and area requirements of the zoning classification in which it is located, and has suitable area and shape to be separately subdivided or developed. To subdivide such parcels, the developer shall be required to begin the subdivision approval process at the Early Assistance meeting stage for each excluded parcel.
   (B)   When a developer has development plans for the entire subdivision but desires, for whatever reason, to seek approval and record the final plat in phases, the subdivision may be platted in phases, subject to the following standards:
      (1)   The approved preliminary plat shall show the proposed layout for the entire area of the subdivision to be platted in phases;
      (2)   The limits of each phase shall be shown on the final engineering plans and the review of final engineering plans shall be completed for the entire subdivision prior to the approval of the final plat of the first phase of the subdivision;
      (3)   The total platted area with the platting of each phase of the subdivision shall function independently in terms of site capacity, natural resource protection, recreation and open space standards, and engineered improvements;
      (4)   The entire area to be subdivided, as shown on the preliminary plat, may be platted with the first phase of the subdivision. Those areas to be subdivided as future phases of the subdivision may be reserved as outlots for future development. Such outlots shall reference the approved preliminary plat and final engineering plans, and the resubdivision of such outlots shall be in accordance with the approved preliminary plat and final engineering plans. The final plat approval for the outlots shall be received within the 24-month period during which the preliminary plat is valid. The Director may grant extension requests, not to exceed 12 months, for each phase of the subdivision. When determining whether an extension request shall be granted, the Director shall consider the circumstances underlying the request and consistency of the approved preliminary plat with current ordinances.
      (5)   If the proposed resubdivision of any outlot varies substantially from that approved for the preliminary plat, the Multi-Disciplinary Team may require submittal and review of revised preliminary plat and final engineering plans for the outlot. The development of the outlot then may be subject to regulations in effect at the time of approval of revised preliminary plat.
(Ord., § 10.4, passed 10-13-2009; Ord. passed - -)