(A)   Description.  The E, Estate and R-1 Districts are intended to accommodate low-density, large-lot residential development and to ensure the protection of areas that develop in such a manner. These districts are a higher density version of the very-low density RE District. Like the RE District, the E and R-1 Districts are expected to accommodate only a very small amount of the county’s overall housing needs. These districts primarily serve those households who desire to live in low-density estate areas and are willing to assume the costs of doing so. Because of the relatively sparse population in E-zoned and R-1-zoned areas, the county will not give high priority to the provision of public services in the areas. Instead, public service provision by the county will be concentrated in areas where more intense future development is called for by the Regional Framework Plan. The low densities permitted in the E and R-1 Districts generally permit (in accordance with applicable Lake County Health Department rules; see Chapter 171) on-site, individual sewage disposal systems and wells, thereby reducing the need for inefficient public expenditures. The E and R-1 Districts are intended to implement and correspond to the Regional Framework Plan’s “Residential-Medium Lot” future land use designation.
   (B)   Uses.  Uses are allowed in the E and R-1 Districts in accordance with the use table of § 151.111.
   (C)   Dimensional standards.  All development in the E and R-1 Districts is subject to the density and dimensional standards of §§ 151.125 through 151.132.
(Ord., § 5.4, passed 10-13-2009)