(A)   Location.
      (1)   Pedestrian walkways or trails and multi-modal trails [trails] shall be located outside the street right-of-way.
         (a)   In instances when a walkway or a trail crosses a street right-of-way, that portion lying within the right-of-way shall be constructed using the sidewalk standards of § 151.194(Q) or Option One in Table 151.200(A) as required by the Multi-Disciplinary Team.
         (b)   All other walkway and trail systems shall be constructed using Option One or Two in Table 151.200(A).
      (2)   Pedestrian walkways or trails shall not be located within deed-restricted open space. Pedestrian walkways or trails shall be a minimum of five feet in width. The Director may require modification of walkways and trails to improve the functionality of the trail system. The Director may increase the width or composition of the trail when the trail contained in the subdivision is part of a multi-modal trail system, a trail system integrated into more than one subdivision, a mixed use development, or part of a regional trail system.
   (B)   Standards.
Table 151.200(A):  Walkway and Trail Standards
Option One
Option Two
Aggregate surface (special)
7.0 inches
Aggregate base, Type B
6.0 inches
Bituminous binder
1.5 inches
Bituminous surface
1.5 inches
(Ord., § 10.16, passed 10-13-2009; Ord. passed - -)