This section sets out the review and approval procedures for subdividing land (Subdivisions).
   (A)   General. The “general” procedural requirements and standards of § 151.045 shall apply to the subdivision procedures of this section.
   (B)   Subdivision types. 
      (1)   Major subdivision. Application that involves the creation of more than five lots.
      (2)   Minor subdivision. Application that involves the creation of five or fewer lots. (See § 151.187, panhandle lot subdivision, a type of minor subdivision.)
      (3)   Lot split. Application that involves:
         (a)   The division of a single lot or parcel into no more than two lots, provided that the division does not involve any new streets or easements of access. In instances where a new street or easement of access is created, the subdivision shall be processed as a minor subdivision;
         (b)   The adjustment or movement of a common boundary line between conforming lots that does not create any additional lots, provided the lots are under common ownership.
      (4)   Plat amendment. A modification of a portion of a recorded final plat of subdivision that does not result in any additional lots. Examples include: reconfiguring existing lots (also defined as a resubdivision), changing lot or open space boundaries, combining conforming lots, adjusting or the vacation of easements.
(Ord., § 10.2, passed 10-13-2009)