(A)   Criteria for approval. A panhandle subdivision shall be permitted only when the subdivision complies with the following standards.
      (1)   The parcel displays unusual topography or has sufficient area but has insufficient width on a street and therefore is unable to be subdivided to the extent provided for in this chapter;
      (2)   All lots to be created are to be used solely for detached house (single family residential) purposes;
      (3)   No more than three lots will be created by the subdivision;
      (4)   Development of the subdivision, including the location, length, and width of the access streets, shall not be detrimental to nor hinder the future development of any adjoining parcels or the general area;
      (5)   The private street contained within the subdivision shall take access to a public street which is or will be in the jurisdiction of a public roadway authority.
   (B)   Access.
      (1)   Access to all lots shall be provided by a private street constructed in accordance with § 151.194.
      (2)   The private street shall be for the benefit of all adjoining property owners in the subdivision. All beneficiaries of the private street shall consent to the future improvement and dedication of the private street for future public road purposes.
      (3)   Where adjoining parcels are unsubdivided or of a similar character, the Planning, Building and Zoning Committee may require the street to be located along the common property line and may also require the street to extend the full length of the property. The Planning, Building and Zoning Committee may require the street to be dedicated and improved to standards required for a publicly dedicated street.
      (4)   The Planning, Building and Development Director, hereafter referred as the “Director”, shall notify the property owner(s) adjacent to the street of the proposed subdivision. If Planning, Building and Zoning Committee finds that the neighboring property will be detrimentally affected by the creation of new zoning nonconformities, neighbors’ written consent shall be required prior to acceptance of the final plat for review by the Multi-Disciplinary Team.
   (C)   Review and approval procedure.  Panhandle lot subdivisions shall be subject to the subdivision procedures of § 151.191.
(Ord., § 10.3, passed 10-13-2009)