(A)   No use of public right-of-way.
      (1)   At no time shall goods be loaded or unloaded from the right-of-way of a collector or arterial street.
      (2)   No part of any vehicle shall be allowed to extend into the ultimate right-of-way of a collector or arterial street while being loaded or unloaded.
   (B)   Location.  Plans for location, design, and layout of all loading spaces shall be indicated on required site plans.
   (C)   Design.
      (1)   Space size.  Off-street loading spaces, excluding maneuvering areas, shall be at least ten feet wide and 25 feet long unless off-street loading will involve the use of semi-tractor trailer combinations or other vehicles in excess of 25 feet in length, in which case the minimum size of a space shall be 12 feet by 65 feet.
      (2)   Surfacing and maintenance.
         (a)   All off-street loading areas shall be kept in a dust-free condition at all times.
         (b)   Loading areas located between an improved street and the principal building on the parcel shall be paved.
(Ord., § 9.2, passed 10-13-2009)