§ 151.189  LOTS AND OUTLOTS.
   (A)   Lots.  Lots shall be laid out to promote functional circulation patterns and compatible relationships among adjacent and nearby land uses, and shall be designed in accordance with the following criteria.
      (1)   With the exception of planned unit developments, all lots shall meet the lot width and area requirements of § 151.125 for the underlying zoning district.
      (2)   Subdivision lot layout shall relate to topography, soils, drainage, natural resources, and planned open space areas. Lots adjoining common or dedicated open space areas shall be encouraged. Unless otherwise provided by § 151.072(E)(3), the platting of deed-restricted open space shall be prohibited.
      (3)   The design of proposed lots which results in the formation of irregularly shaped lot lines is prohibited unless the lines follow natural features such as streams and wetlands, and the like. The Director may approve irregularly shaped lot lines after evaluation of the issues that created the irregularity.
      (4)   All lots shall front directly on and have direct access to a street improved in accordance with the standards of this chapter, or improved and accepted by the affected roadway authority.
      (5)   Residential lots adjoining freeways, arterials, collectors, railroad tracks, or lands used for nonresidential purposes shall provide separation adequate to ensure protection of the residential uses.
   (B)   Outlots.  Outlots may be platted in subdivisions for a variety of purposes including those described in this subsection (B). Outlots platted for resource protection, open space or utility installation purposes are not required to meet the lot size or lot width requirements of the underlying zoning district. All structures located in the outlots shall be constructed in accordance with the density and dimensional standards of § 151.125 for the zoning district in which they are located, provided the lot meets or exceeds the minimum lot area requirement for its zoning classification. If the lot is less than the minimum lot area for its zoning classification, the structures shall be constructed in accordance with § 151.233.
      (1)   Resource protection and open space.  Outlots may be platted for those purposes designated in § 151.072. Open space areas shall be integrated into the overall subdivision design to promote ease of maintenance, access, and enjoyment for all residents of the subdivision. Within a subdivision, the platting of many small open space outlots shall be discouraged, and the platting of fewer larger open space outlots shall be encouraged. All outlots platted for open space purposes shall be identified on the final plat by ownership and purpose (e.g., “Outlot A: Common Open Space for Recreational Purposes”).
      (2)   Future development.  Outlots may be platted for future development in phased subdivisions or for alternate uses in mixed use subdivisions. (See § 151.188.)
      (3)   Dedications.  Outlots may be platted for lands dedicated for school, park or utility purposes (see § 151.190).
(Ord., § 10.5, passed 10-13-2009)