(A)   The Zoning Board of Appeals acts in a quasi-judicial, decision-making capacity (appeals of administrative decisions, zoning variances, and delegated conditional use permits) and an advisory capacity (zoning amendments and non-delegated conditional use permits) under this chapter.
   (B)   The Zoning Board of Appeals shall have all of the powers and duties specifically assigned in this chapter, including the following general duties and responsibilities:
      (1)   Establish rules of procedure, and any other rules as it deems necessary, not in conflict with Illinois state law;
      (2)   Compel the attendance of witnesses at hearings and administer oaths;
      (3)   File minutes of its proceedings and any written recommendations from any county department, State’s Attorney, or other official bodies; show the vote of each member on every question or, if a member is absent or fails to vote, indicate that fact; and keep records of its examinations and other official actions;
      (4)   File immediately in the office of the Zoning Board of Appeals all rules and regulations and amendments or repeals thereof, and every order, requirement, decision, or determination of the Zoning Board of Appeals. These shall become public records;
      (5)   Hear and decide appeals from any decisions of the Planning, Building and Development Director or any other administrative official made in the performance of his or her duties under the provisions of this chapter;
      (6)   Hear and decide all petitions for major zoning variances, delegated conditional use permits, and any minor zoning variances referred to it by the Hearing Officer;
      (7)   Hear all applications for non-delegated conditional use permits, ordinance text amendments, and zoning map amendments and make a report and recommendation to the Lake County Board;
      (8)   Study and report to the County Board on zoning map amendments and ordinance text amendments; and
      (9)   Other recommendations to the County Board on matters of regional significance, including transportation, stormwater management, and environmental protection.
(Ord., § 2.3, passed 10-13-2009)