(A)   A conservation residential development consists of residential uses and structures established pursuant to the maximum density standard and minimum open space ratio established for those uses in § 151.125 (Table 151.125(3)).
   (B)   Conservation residential developments shall be allowed in all residential zoning districts, but cluster density bonuses (for providing open space in excess of minimum district standards) shall be allowed only in the AG, E, R-1, R-2, and R-3 Districts.
   (C)   The minimum required area for a conservation residential development shall be five acres.
   (D)   Conservation residential developments are subject to the maximum density and minimum open space standards of § 151.125, the conservation residential housing standards of § 151.130 and all other applicable standards of this chapter.
   (E)   When abutting a conventional development, a perimeter buffer of at least 30 feet in width shall be provided.
   (F)   All landscaping shall meet the landscaping standards of § 151.199.
(Ord., § 7.3, passed 10-13-2009)