Zoning Ordinance
Preliminary Provisions
1260.001   Enacting clause.
1260.002   Short title.
1260.003   Effective date.
1260.004   Validity and conflict.
1260.005   Purpose and community development objectives.
Rules and Definitions
1260.010   Rules.
1260.011   Definitions.
Establishment of Districts
1260.020   District classifications.
1260.021   Zoning District Map.
1260.022   Interpretations of district boundaries.
General Provisions
1260.030   Conformance and permits.
1260.031   Construction or alteration.
1260.032   Uses and structures on zoning lots; number of structures per lot.
1260.033   Classification of annexed land.
1260.034   Exemption for public utilities.
1260.035   Location of uses involving motor vehicles.
1260.036   Lodgers.
1260.037   Unsafe structures; sewer and water connections.
1260.038   Uses requiring site plan and/or site plan approval.
1260.039   Time limit for consideration of site plans.
1260.040   Notice to property owners.
1260.041   Height of structures; exceptions.
1260.042   Lot area; front yard requirements.
1260.043   Utility fixtures and decorations.
1260.044   Porches.
1260.045   Projections.
1260.046   Walls and fences.
1260.047   Utility service lines and railroad tracks.
1260.048   Landscape features.
1260.049   Screening in Business and Industrial Districts.
1260.050   Gasoline pumps.
1260.051   Lots of record not meeting lot area requirements.
1260.052   Vehicle parking on residential yards prohibited.
Provisions Governing Zoning Districts
1260.060   S Conservancy District.
1260.061   R1 One-Family Residence District.
1260.062   R2 Two-Family Residence District.
1260.063   R3 Multiple-Family Residence District.
1260.064   TND Traditional Neighborhood District.
1260.065   H Health Service and Medical Center District.
1260.066   C1 Neighborhood Shopping District.
1260.067   C2 Community Business District.
1260.068   C3 Central Business District.
1260.069   M1 Light Industrial District.
1260.070   M2 Industrial Service and Distribution District.
1260.071   M3 Heavy Industrial District.
1260.072   FP Flood Plain District.
1260.073   AO Artist Overlay District. (Repealed)
1260.074   HOD-CC Historic Overlay District – Cambria City.
Planned Residential Development Provisions
1260.080   Purpose.
1260.081   Grant of power.
1260.082   Applicability of Comprehensive Plan.
1260.083   Jurisdiction of County Planning Commission.
1260.084   Standards and conditions.
1260.085   Enforcement and modification.
1260.086   Application for tentative approval.
1260.087   Public hearings.
1260.088   Findings.
1260.089   Status of plan after tentative approval.
1260.090   Application for final approval.
1260.100   General provisions.
1260.101   Signs in S, R1 and R2 Districts.
1260.102   Signs in R3 Districts.
1260.103   Signs in Traditional Neighborhood Districts.
1260.104   Signs in Historic Overlay Districts.
1260.105   Signs in H and C1 Districts.
1260.106   Signs in C2 and C3 Districts.
1260.107   Signs in M Districts.
1260.108   Supplemental provisions.
Supplementary Provisions
1260.115   Parking and loading facilities.
1260.116   Swimming pools.
1260.117   Stormwater management.
1260.118   Satellite dishes; antennas.
1260.119   Residential occupancy limits.
1260.120   Standards for storefronts and windows.
Special Exceptions
1260.130   In general.
1260.131   General procedures.
1260.132   Funeral home standards and criteria.
1260.133   Boarding house and halfway house standards and criteria.
1260.134   Mobile home park standards and criteria.
1260.135   Certain pre-existing nonconforming uses.
1260.136   Temporary buildings.
1260.137   Gas regulator, electric stations, greenhouses, and horticultural.
1260.138   Community garages or parking areas.
1260.139   One-family dwellings and insufficient lot size.
1260.140   One-family dwellings without space for off-street parking.
1260.141   Membership clubs.
1260.142   Bed and breakfasts.
1260.143   Dwelling units on second story of buildings.
1260.144   Enlargement of nonconforming residential, commercial or industrial structures.
1260.145   Exclusion from qualifications.
1260.146   Exclusion from height requirements.
1260.147   Educational or counseling institutions.
1260.148   Exclusion from Section 1260.120 – standards for storefronts and windows.
Conditional Uses
1260.160   In general.
1260.161   Apartment buildings.
1260.162   Cemeteries.
1260.163   Drive-in theaters.
1260.164   Educational, philanthropic, and religious institutions.
1260.165   Garbage disposal plants.
1260.166   Governmental uses or structures.
1260.167   Hospitals, sanitariums, and nursing homes.
1260.168   Major excavating, grading or filling.
1260.169   Medical buildings.
1260.170   Motor freight terminals.
1260.171   Non-profit recreation areas.
1260.172   Public utility corporation uses.
1260.173   Retail stores.
1260.174   Unit group residential development.
1260.175   Procedure for approval.
Nonconforming Uses and Buildings
1260.190   Continuance.
1260.191   Discontinuance of use.
1260.192   Alterations.
1260.193   Provisions for reconstruction.
1260.194   Registration.
Administration and Enforcement
1260.205   Building Code Official.
1260.206   Building permit.
1260.207   Certificate of use and occupancy.
1260.208   Schedule of fees.
1260.209   Records of permits and certificates; fees.
1260.210   Application to permits previously issued; non-issuance pending zoning changes.
1260.211   Remedies.
1260.212   Violations; judgment.
Zoning Hearing Board
1260.220   Creation, organization, expenditures, and meetings.
1260.221   Functions.
1260.222   Hearings.
1260.223   Jurisdiction.
1260.230   Amendments and changes.
1260.231   Landowner curative amendment.
1260.232   Municipal curative amendments.
1260.233   Fees.
Repealing Clause
1260.240   Repealing clause.
Appendix A:   Schedule of Heights and Area Regulations.
Appendix B:   Zoning District Maps, by Ward.
Appendix C:   Setback Specifications HOD- CC.
Appendix D:   Mass/Height Specifications HOD-CC.
   General provisions and definitions - see Penna. Mun. Plan. Code, Art. I; P. & Z. Ch. 1220
   Zoning - see Penna. Mun. Plan. Code, Art. VI; P. & Z. Ch. 1230