§ 24-98.5  EXCEPTIONS.
   Notwithstanding anything contained in this section, the following practices shall not be violations of this section.
   (a)   For a religious organization or institution to restrict any of its facilities of housing or accommodations which are operated as a direct part of religious activities to persons of the denomination involved.
   (b)   For the owner of an owner-occupied 1-family or 2-family dwelling, or a housing facility or public accommodation facility, respectively, devoted entirely to the housing and accommodation of individuals of one sex, to restrict occupancy and use on the basis of sex.
   (c)   To limit occupancy in a housing project to persons of low income, over 55 years of age or who are handicapped.
   (d)   To engage in a bona fide effort to establish an affirmative action program to improve opportunities in employment for minorities and women that is consistent with state and federal law.
   (e)   To discriminate based on a person’s age when such discrimination is required by State, federal or local law.
   (f)   To refuse to enter into a contract with an unemancipated minor.
   (g)   To discriminate in any arrangement for the sharing of a dwelling unit.
(Ord. 3820, passed 3-1-2012)