(a)   The franchisee shall not permit any of its systems to be used by any person or governmental agency for an electronic eavesdropping or surveillance or for any monitory purpose which constitutes an invasion of the right to privacy of any subscriber or user of the system, unless such eavesdropping, surveillance or monitoring is performed pursuant to existing State or Federal laws by a governmental law enforcement agency.
   (b)   Franchisee shall not permit the transmission for any signal, oral, visual or digital, including “polling” the channel selection, from any subscriber’s premises without first obtaining the written permission of the subscriber. This provision is not intended to prohibit the use or transmission of signals useful only for the control or measurement of system performance or used only for billing subscribers. Franchisee shall not permit the installation of any special terminal equipment in any subscriber’s premises that will permit transmission from subscriber’s premises of two-way services utilizing oral, visual or digital signals without first obtaining the written permission of the subscriber. The franchisee, or any of its agents or employees, shall not, without the specific written authorization for the subscriber involved, sell or otherwise make available to any party any list which identifies the names, addresses, telephone numbers, identities or the viewing habits of individual subscribers, except as required for billing purposes and in accordance with applicable law.
(Ord. 2428, passed 2-18-1974; Ord. 2899, passed 3-21-1984; Ord. 3486, passed 1-28-2002)