Water Rules and Regulations Elyria Municipal Water Supply System (EMWWS)
   EDITOR'S NOTE: The City, by contract with the Lorain County Commissioners, furnishes water to areas outside the City limits.  See Resolution 2243, passed December 29, 1952.
   All references to "City Solicitor" in this chapter have been changed to "City Law Director" to reflect the Charter Amendment passed by the electors on May 8, 2001, and upon the adoption of Ordinance 2001-96, passed June 4, 2001.
939.001   Preamble and purpose.
939.002   Method of using references.
939.003   Official name.
939.004   Definitions.
939.100   Rules and regulations for Department of Utilities, Division of Water, under the Department of Public Service of the City of Elyria, Ohio; adoption and effect.
939.101   Supervision of Elyria Municipal Water Supply System ("EMWSS").
939.102   Chemical, physical and bacteriological characteristics of the water.
939.103   Quality of service.
939.104   Notification and limit of liability for water turn-off.
939.105   Pumping on private premises.
939.106   Refuse rules, see Chapter 959.
939.200   Types of accounts.
939.201   Application and contract for utility service.
939.202   Temporary water service.
939.203   Deposit required.
939.204   Failure to comply with the rules.
939.205   Property transfer.
939.206   Termination of service.
939.300   Purpose.
939.301   User fees (also known as service charges), rates and charges.
939.302   Billing cycle, delinquency and liens.
939.303   Bill issuance.
939.304   Billing period.
939.305   (Reserved for future legislation)
939.306   Owner and tenant responsibilities and rights.
939.307   Delinquency and penalties.
939.308   Collections and liens.
939.309   Order of bill payment.
939.310   No service to delinquent applicant.
911.311   Utility bill credits.
939.312   Leak credits (after meters).
939.313   Utility Resolution Board.
939.314   Credit calculation methodology.
939.315   Affordability.
939.316   Payment plans.
939.317   Continuous service.
939.400   Installation of taps and service connections.
939.401   Taps outside City limits.
939.402   Only City personnel to operate valves, stops, etc.
939.403   Terms and charges for installation of taps and service connections.
939.403.1   Manifold set-ups.
939.404   Taps - service size - materials.
939.405   Maintenance and repairs to tap and service connection.
939.406   Lead-free piping, plumbing, fixtures and solder.
939.407   Service line leaks, breaks and repairs.
939.408   Fire lines and hydrants.
939.409   Attachment of wire to service line forbidden.
939.410   Service line abandonment.
939.417   Policy for replacement costs of service lines in areas where the City is replacing water mains and certifying costs to the County Auditor.
939.500   Services to be metered.
939.501   Services not required to be metered.
939.502   Maintaining metering systems.
939.503   Entering properties for operation of metering systems.
939.504   Access to property for operation of metering systems.
939.505   Private (sanitary sewer deduct) meter.
939.506   Installation of meters by City personnel.
939.507   Removal of meters.
939.508   Meters subject to inspection.
939.509   Meters shall be accessible.
939.510   Customer to protect meter from freezing, vandalism or other type of negligence.
939.511   Meter repairs and charges.
939.512   Tampering with meter.
939.513   Inoperable meter or remote register.
939.514   Bypasses on meter settings.
939.515   Meter settings and locations.
939.516   Testing of meters.
939.517   Remote registration installation for premises with finished basements.
939.518   Bulk water sales.
939.519   Construction water.
939.520   Temporary water service rental meters.
939.521   Fire hydrant use.
939.522   Water services to any real property located outside the corporate limits of the City prohibited.
939.523   Master meters for mobile and modular homes.
939.960   Backflow/cross connection.
939.961   Preventing access to curb stop.
939.962   Permits, specifications and inspections for repair or replacement of water service pipes and fittings.
939.999   Penalties and enforcement.
   Easements for water supply - see Ohio R.C. 715.34
   Council power to regulate - see Ohio R.C. 743.01 et seq.
   Contract for water supply - see Ohio R.C. 743.24, 4933.04
   Power to regulate water rates - see Ohio R.C. 743.26, 743.28, 4909.34 et seq.
   Water companies - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 4933
   Division of Utilities - see ADM. Ch. 149
   Prosecutions for theft of utilities - see GEN. OFF. 545.20
   Preliminary plan; water main details - see P. & Z. 1115.06, 1115.07
   Requirements for sewers and water mains - see P. & Z. 1115.07
   Hydrants and water mains - see BLDG. 1319.03
   Plumbing Code - see BLDG. Title Five
   Swimming pools - see BLDG. Ch. 1395