At Large
John (Jack) A. Baird
At Large
Thomas G. Callahan
Michael J. Lotko, III
At Large
Victor F. Stewart III
1st Ward
Larry W. Tanner
2nd Ward
Brenda K. Davis
3rd Ward
Mark N. Jessie
4th Ward
Mark F. Craig
5th Ward
Marcus D. Madison
6th Ward
Donna Mitchell
7th Ward
Jack W. Cerra
Forrest L. Bullocks
Holly C. Brinda, MPA
City Finance Director
Thaddeus (Ted) M. Pileski
City Law Director
Scott F. Serazin
Judge of Municipal Court
Robert C. White
Judge of Municipal Court
Gary C. Bennett
Clerk of Municipal Court
Eric J. Rothgery
Administrative Legal Counsel
Geoffrey Smith
Director of Safety-Service (Public Services)
Mary F. Siwierka
Assistant Safety-Service Director
Kevin Brubaker
Chief of Police
Duane P. Whitely
Chief of Fire
Richard A. Benton
Chief Building Official
Ralph Cantu
Senior Manager Communications
Larry Showalter
Chief City Engineer
John Schneider
Senior Manager Water Distribution Dept.
David Rothgery
Superintendent of Waste Water Treatment
Terry Korzan
Superintendent of Water Pumping
Sam F. Jacob
Director of Parks and Recreation
Carrie Reardon
Director of Community Development
Ashley Scott
Chairman of Parks and Recreation Board
Sam Battle