Use of Public and Private Sewers and Drains
   EDITOR'S NOTE:  This chapter, previously a codification of Ordinance 73-18, passed February 5, 1973, was re-enacted in its entirety by Ordinance 85-31, passed February 4, 1985.  This chapter was subsequently re-enacted in its entirety by Ordinance 93-293, passed December 20, 1993.
   All references to "City Solicitor" in this chapter have been changed to "City Law Director" and all references to "Law Director" in this chapter have been changed to "Administrative Legal Counsel" to reflect the Charter Amendments passed by the electors on May 8, 2001, and upon the adoption of Ordinance 2001-96, passed June 4, 2001, and Ordinance 2001-97, passed June 4, 2001.
932.01   Definitions.
932.02   Building sewers and connections.
932.025   City policy re provision of service to residents of the City. (Repealed)
932.03   General discharge prohibitions.
932.04   Specific pollutant limitations; grease, oil and sand traps.
932.05   Compliance with Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards; disclosure statements.
932.06   Modification of Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards.
932.07   State requirements; conflicts.
932.08   Accidental discharges.
932.09   Operating upsets; reports.
932.10   Retention of records.
932.11   Wastewater discharge permits.
932.12   Reporting requirements.
932.13   Monitoring requirements.
932.14   Inspections and sampling.
932.15   Pretreatment facilities.
932.16   Water Pollution Control Board.
932.17   Confidential information.
932.18   Damaging system; manholes.
932.19   Building sewer violations; notice; corrections.
932.20   Private sewage disposal systems.
932.21   Falsifying information.
932.22   Notification of violation.
932.23   Notification of complaint.
932.24   Publication of names of users in significant noncompliance.
932.25   Suspension of services and permits.
932.26   Emergency suspension of services and permits.
932.27   Administrative fines.
932.28   Administrative review; appeals.
932.29   Restraining orders; injunctions; abatement.
932.30   Deteriorated private lateral sewers as nuisance; rehabilitation and reconstruction; Sewer Lateral Rehabilitation Loan Program.
932.31   Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Lateral Rehabilitation Loan Program Regulations.
932.99   Penalty; other remedies; rewards.
   Service connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06
   Management and control of sewerage system - see Ohio R.C. 729.50, 729.51
   Untreated sewage - see Ohio R.C. 3701.59
   Interference with sewage flow - see Ohio R.C. 4933.24
   Removal of putrid substances - see GEN. OFF. 521.05
   Drainage - see S. & P.S. Ch. 932
   Sewer charges - see S. & P.S. Ch. 937
   Sewers in subdivisions - see P. & Z. 1114.05, 1115.05, 1115.07