The provisions of this chapter shall not prohibit the use of thoroughfares by the following vehicles:
   A.   All vehicles belonging, by ownership or lease, to any governmental, municipal or school district, body, agency or activity when involved in the execution of official duties.
   B.   All vehicles classified by state law as emergency vehicles, noncommercial vehicles, motor homes, recreational vehicles and antique vehicles, or any vehicle other than those that are specified for compliance with this chapter.
   C.   All vehicles, classes or categories of vehicles, when traveling directly to or from a destination or a point of origin not abutting or fronting on a designated truck route; provided, that only such routes of travel be used as involve the least amount of distance traveled on any thoroughfares not designated as truck routes or any truck route/nontruck route combination available.
   D.   Any and all vehicles traveling upon any officially established detour in any case where such vehicle could otherwise be operated on the thoroughfare for which such detour is established.
   E.   Any and all vehicles owned or operated by the city, any contractor, materialman or public utility while engaged in the repair, maintenance or construction of thoroughfares, thoroughfare improvements, thoroughfare utilities, or otherwise engaged in the connection, repair, maintenance or construction of home and business utilities. (Ord. 84-216 § 1, 4-9-1984; Ord. 00-489, 5-8-2000)