Part IIIA: Land Use Code – Planning and Housing
Title I: Planning
   Chapter 301   Transit Oriented Development and Transportation Demand Management
   Chapter 303   Business Revitalization (BR) District
Title III: Streets and Platting
   Chapter 305   Street Naming and House Numbering
   Chapter 307   Street Dedication
   Chapter 309   Subdivision Regulations
Title V: Community Development Code
   Chapter 311   Purpose and Scope
   Chapter 313   Initiation and Preparation of Plan
   Chapter 315   Adoption of Plan
   Chapter 317   Approval of Plan
   Chapter 319   Plan Amendment
   Chapter 321   Administration of Plan
   Chapter 323   Neighborhood Conservation
   Chapter 324   Elimination of Spot Blight
Part IIIB: Land Use Code – Zoning Code
Title VII: Zoning Code
   Chapter 325   Definitions
   Chapter 327   Enforcement and Penalty
   Chapter 329   Board Of Zoning Appeals
   Chapter 331   Building Zone Maps
   Chapter 333   Changes and Amendments
   Chapter 334   Planned Unit Development Overlay District
   Chapter 335   Use Districts
   Chapter 336   Urban Garden District
   Chapter 337   Residential Districts
   Chapter 338   Manufactured Housing Park (MHP) District
   Chapter 339   Parking Districts
   Chapter 340   Institutional-Research (I-R) Districts
   Chapter 341   Design Review
   Chapter 342   Open Space and Recreation (OSR) Districts
   Chapter 343   Business Districts
   Chapter 344   Midtown Mixed-Use District
   Chapter 345   Industrial Districts
   Chapter 346   Live-Work Overlay Districts
   Chapter 347   Specific Uses Regulated
   Chapter 348   Form Districts
   Chapter 349   Off-Street Parking and Loading
   Chapter 350   Sign Regulations
   Chapter 351   Riparian Setbacks and Wetlands Setbacks
   Chapter 352   Landscaping and Screening
   Chapter 353   Height Regulations
   Chapter 354   Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
   Chapter 354A   Wind Energy Facilities
   Chapter 355   Area Requirements
   Chapter 356   Central Business District (CBD)
   Chapter 357   Yards and Courts
   Chapter 358   Fence Regulations
   Chapter 359   Nonconforming Uses
Part IIIC: Land Use Code – Housing Code
Title IX: Housing Code
   Chapter 361   Purpose and Scope
   Chapter 363   Definitions
   Chapter 365   Rental Registration and Lead-Safe Certification
   Chapter 367   Enforcement and Penalty
   Chapter 369   Residential Occupancy Standards
   Chapter 371   Rental Dwelling Standards
   Chapter 373   Rooming Occupancy Standards
   Chapter 375   Landlords and Tenants
Part IIID: Land Use Code – Fire Prevention Code
Title XI: Fire Prevention Code
   Chapter 381   Enforcement and General Provisions
   Chapter 383   Flammable Liquids
   Chapter 385   Flammable Materials and Gases
   Chapter 387   Explosives, Including the Indoor and Outdoor Display of Pyrotechnics, Flame Effects, and Lasers
   Chapter 389   Fire Extinguishing Equipment
   Chapter 391   Fire Alarm and Detection Systems; Fire Drills
   Chapter 392   Smoke Detectors, Smoke Alarms, and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
   Chapter 393   Hazardous Chemicals: Right-To-Know Code
   Chapter 394   Hazardous Material Transportation
   Chapter 395   Unnecessary Fire Alarms
   Chapter 396   Notification, Environmental Abatement and Securing of Closed or Vacated Facilities
   Chapter 397   Emergency Rapid Entry Systems
Part IIIE: Land Use Code – Building Code
Title XIII: Building Code
   Chapter 3101   Scope, Definitions and Standards
   Chapter 3103   Enforcement and Penalty
   Chapter 3104   Civil Enforcement
   Chapter 3105   Permits and Occupancy Certificates
   Chapter 3106   Registration of Vacant Buildings and Certificates of Compliance for Vacant Buildings
   Chapter 3107   Registration of Contractors
   Chapter 3109   Encroachments
   Chapter 3111   Ohio Building Code
   Chapter 3113   Outdoor Signs and Displays
   Chapter 3114   Fire Limits
   Chapter 3115   Demolition and Moving
   Chapter 3116   Construction and Post-Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control
   Chapter 3117   Private Swimming Pools
   Chapter 3121   Residential Building Code of Ohio for One, Two, or Three-Family Dwellings
   Chapter 3123   Miscellaneous Occupancy
   Chapter 3125   Excavations, Soils and Foundations
   Chapter 3126   Fills, Excavations, Soils, and Grading
   Chapter 3127   Wood Construction
   Chapter 3129   Loads
   Chapter 3131   Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
   Chapter 3133   Plumbing
   Chapter 3135   Gas Piping and Appliances
   Chapter 3137   Electrical Wiring
   Chapter 3139   Refrigeration
   Chapter 3141   Elevators
   Chapter 3143   Exterior Walls and Appurtenances; Parking Garages
   Chapter 3167   Flood Plain Management
   Chapter 3169   Manufactured Homes