Title I: General Provisions
   Chapter 101   Codified Ordinances
   Chapter 103   Boundaries and Wards
   Chapter 105   Official Standards
   Chapter 106   Democracy Day
   Chapter 107   Military Spending and Related Tax Revenues for Military Purposes
   Chapter 109   Domestic Partnership Registry
   Chapter 110   Campaign Finance Regulation
   Chapter 110A   Circulation of Initiative or Referendum Petition Regulation
Title III: Legislative
   Chapter 111   Council
   Chapter 113   Clerk of Council
   Chapter 115   City Record and Printing
Title V: Administrative Organization
   Chapter 121   Departments Generally
   Chapter 123   Office of Mayor
   Chapter 125   Department of Law
   Chapter 127   Department of Finance
   Chapter 129   Department of Public Utilities
   Chapter 131   Department of Public Works
   Chapter 133   Department of Parks, Recreation and Properties – Repealed
   Chapter 135   Department of Public Safety
   Chapter 137   Department of Community Development
   Chapter 138   Department of Building and Housing
   Chapter 139   Department of Port Control
   Chapter 141   Department of Public Health
   Chapter 143   Department of Human Resources
   Chapter 144   Department of Economic Development
   Chapter 145   Department on Aging
   Chapter 147   Department of Consumer Affairs
Title VII: Judicial
   Chapter 149   Municipal Court
Title IX: Boards and Commissions
   Chapter 151   Boards and Commissions Generally
   Chapter 153   Port and Harbor Commission
   Chapter 154   City Audit Committee
   Chapter 155   Moral Claims Commission
   Chapter 157   Community Relations Board
   Chapter 159   Consumers Council Advisory Board
   Chapter 160   Housing Advisory Board
   Chapter 161   Landmarks Commission
   Chapter 162   Cleveland Commission on Black Women and Girls
   Chapter 163   Urban Forestry Commission
   Chapter 165   Boxing and Wrestling Commission
   Chapter 167   City Records Commission
   Chapter 169   Civil Service Commission
   Chapter 170   Tax Abatement Commission
Title XI: Employment and Compensation
   Chapter 171   Employment Provisions
   Chapter 173   Compensation
Title XIII: Fiscal Management
   Chapter 177   Bonds and Notes
   Chapter 178   Deposit and Investment of City Funds
   Chapter 179   Sinking Fund
Title XV: Purchases and Contracts
   Chapter 181   Purchases and Supplies
   Chapter 183   Real Estate Transactions
   Chapter 185   Construction and Improvement Contracts
   Chapter 186   Public Art
   Chapter 187   Cleveland Area Business Code
   Chapter 187A   Local Producer, Local-Food Purchaser, and Sustainable Business Preference Code
   Chapter 188   Fannie M. Lewis Cleveland Resident Employment Law
   Chapter 189   Cleveland Fair Employment Law
   Chapter 190   Wage Theft and Payroll Fraud Prevention
   Chapter 190A   Community Benefits Agreements
Title XVII: Taxation
   Chapter 191   Municipal Income Tax
   Chapter 192   2016 Municipal Income Tax
   Chapter 193   Transient Occupancy Tax
   Chapter 195   Admissions Tax
   Chapter 196   Parking Occupancy Tax
   Chapter 197   Motor Vehicle License Tax
   Chapter 198   Motor Vehicle Lessor Tax
   Chapter 199   Tax on Coin Operated Amusement Devices