Title I: Administration
   Chapter 401   Definitions
   Chapter 403   Enforcement, Compliance and Penalty
   Chapter 405   Impounding
Title III: Streets and Traffic Control Devices
   Chapter 411   Street Obstructions and Special Uses
   Chapter 413   Traffic Control Devices
Title V: Vehicles
   Chapter 431   Operation Generally
   Chapter 433   Intoxication; Reckless Operation; Speed
   Chapter 435   Licensing and Accidents
   Chapter 437   Safety and Equipment
   Chapter 439   Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
   Chapter 441   Motor Buses – Repealed
   Chapter 443   Taxicabs
   Chapter 445   Sight-Seeing Cars
   Chapter 447   Carriages
   Chapter 449   Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles, and All-Purpose Vehicles
Title VII: Parking
   Chapter 451   Parking Generally
   Chapter 453   Street Parking Meters
   Chapter 455   Municipal Parking Facilities
   Chapter 457   Public Garages and Parking Lots
   Chapter 459   Parking Infractions and Parking Violations Bureau
   Chapter 461   Residential Permit Parking Program
   Chapter 463   Valet Services
Title IX: Pedestrians, Bicycles and Motorcycles
   Chapter 471   Pedestrians
   Chapter 473   Bicycles, Motorcycles, Mobility Devices
Title XI: Water Traffic Code
   Chapter 481   Definitions, Enforcement, Compliance and Penalty
   Chapter 483   General Provisions
   Chapter 485   Watercraft Operation
   Chapter 487   Equipment
Title XIII: Helicopters and Other Aircraft
   Chapter 489   Helicopters
   Chapter 490   Unmanned Aircraft Systems