369.01   Requirements for Habitable Rooms
369.02   Restrictions for Habitable Rooms Below Grade
369.03   Required Window Area
369.04   Required Ventilation Area
369.05   Kitchens, Bathrooms, Water Closet and Urinal Compartments
369.06   Required Sanitary Facilities
369.07   Connection of Fixtures
369.08   Rubbish and Garbage Disposal
369.09   Heating Facilities Required
369.10   Flue Connections Required
369.11   Prohibited Locations of Heating Equipment
369.12   Electrical Facilities Required
369.13   General Maintenance Requirements
369.14   Maintenance of Foundations
369.15   Maintenance of Exterior Walls and Roof
369.16   Maintenance of Interior Walls and Floors
369.17   Infestation by Pests
369.18   Exterior Property Areas
369.19   Secondary or Appurtenant Structures
369.20   Access and Egress
369.21   Condemnation of Premises; Conditions and Notice
   Condemned defined, CO 363.29
   Habitable room defined, CO 363.07
   Notice of violation; vacation and demolition of premises, CO 367.04 et seq.
   Property owner to maintain premises free of litter, CO 613.14
   Rental dwelling standards, CO Ch. 371
   Rooming occupancy standards, CO Ch. 373
Statutory reference:
   Collection and disposal of garbage, RC 715.43
   Power to regulate sanitary condition of buildings, RC 715.26(A), 715.29