367.01   General Enforcement
367.02   Inspections
367.03   Right of Entry
367.04   Notice of Violation
367.05   Noncompliance with Notice; Vacation of Premises; Board and Demolition of Premises
367.06   Cases of Emergency; Immediate Vacation of Premises
367.07   Placards Posted by the Department of Building and Housing and the Division of Fire
367.08   Recovery of Expenses and Costs
367.09   Right of Appeal
367.10   Rules and Regulations
367.11   Misrepresentation of Legal Occupancy
367.111   Definitions
367.12   Statement of Authorized Use of Dwelling Building or Structure and Notice of Violation; Fee
367.13   Disbursal of Funds from Escrow Agent
367.131   Prohibiting Corporations from Owning or Transferring Real Property Without Registering with the Ohio Secretary of State
367.14   Other Legal Action
367.15   Fees For Record Search and Document Preparation
367.99   Penalty
   Condemnation of premises; conditions and notice, CO 369.21
   Director of Law to implement Zoning Code enforcement, CO 327.03
   Purpose of Housing Code, CO 361.02
   Rental registration and lead-safe certification, CO Ch. 365