3105.01   Permits Required; Exceptions
3105.02   Permit Applications; Plans and Specifications
3105.03   Permit Application Review; Plan Affidavit
3105.04   Permit Approval Procedure; Insurance and Bond
3105.05   Plans Required at Work Site
3105.06   Time Limit for Work Commencement and Suspension
3105.07   Professional Work Supervision; Completion Affidavit
3105.08   Special Foundation Permit
3105.09   Written Notice Prior to Commencing Work
3105.10   When Certificate of Occupancy is Required
3105.11   Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy
3105.12   Temporary Certificates
3105.13   Posting of Safe Floor Loads
3105.14   Posting of Number of Persons Permitted
3105.15   Maintaining Posted Certificates, Placards and Signs
3105.16   Payment of Permit Fees
3105.17   Payment for Water Used in Construction Work
3105.18   Calculating Aggregate Floor Area as Fee Basis
3105.19   Establishing Cost as Fee Basis
3105.20   Determining Value of Destroyed Parts
3105.21   Sign Measurement Standards
3105.22   Fee Payment Procedure
3105.23   Minimum Fee for Permit
3105.24   Refund of Permit Fees
3105.25   Schedule of Permit Fees
3105.26   Schedule of Inspection Fees
3105.27   Schedule of Certificate Fees
3105.28   Plan Examination Fee Schedule
3105.29   Festival and Carnival Permit Fees for Charitable Organizations
   Note: The legislative history of this chapter, except where specifically noted at the end of a section, is as follows: Ordinance No. 1116-A-85, passed February 10, 1986.
   Demolition or moving permit, CO 3115.04
   Electrical wiring permits, CO 3137.05
   Elevator permits, CO 3141.03
   Gas piping permits, CO 3135.03
   HVAC permits, CO 3131.01
   Permit revocation, CO 3103.08
   Plumbing permits, CO 3133.02
   Refrigeration permits, CO 3139.04
   Right of entry and inspection, CO 3103.04,3103.06, 3103.20
   Sign permits, CO 3113.03
   Stop work orders, CO 3103.07