337.01   Limited One-Family Districts
337.02   One-Family Districts
337.03   Two-Family District
337.031   Townhouse (RA) Districts
337.04   Purpose and Development of Limited Multi-Family Districts
337.05   Permitted Buildings and Uses in Limited Multi-Family District
337.06   Area, Yard and Height Requirements for Apartment Houses
337.07   Reserved
337.08   Multi-Family District
337.081   Downtown Residential (DR) District
337.09   Purpose of Residence-Office Districts
337.10   Permitted Buildings and Uses in Residence-Office Districts
337.11   Residence-Office District Off-Street Parking
337.12   Parking Plan to Accompany Building Permit Application
337.13   Required Parking Spaces
337.14   Location of Required Off-Street Parking Space
337.15   Joint Off-Street Parking Facilities
337.16   Sale of Fuel and Repairs
337.17   Size of Off-Street Parking Space
337.18   Access and Maintenance to Off-Street Parking Spaces
337.19   Reserved
337.20   Lighting for Off-Street Parking Spaces
337.21   Height, Area, Yard and Court Requirements for Residence-Office Districts
337.22   Performance Bond and Enforcement; Residence-Office Districts
337.23   Accessory Uses in Residence Districts
337.231   Portable Storage Containers
337.24   Nursing Homes, Convalescent Homes, Old Folks Homes, Homes for the Aged and Rest Homes
337.25   Agricultural Uses in Residential Districts
337.251   Limited Lodging in Residence Districts
   Area regulations for Residence Districts, CO 355.04
   Front yard regulations, CO 357.04
   Landscaping and screening, CO Ch. 352
   Lighting for off-street parking spaces, CO 349.09
   Maximum height of accessory buildings in Residence Districts, CO 353.05
   Off-street parking and loading requirements, CO Ch. 349
   Residence District defined, CO 335.02
   Residence-Industry District defined; uses, CO 345.01, 345.02
   Residential Parking District; purpose, permitted uses, maintenance, CO Ch. 339
   Screening of off-street parking spaces adjacent to Residence Districts, CO 349.08
   Variance from use regulations, CO 329.03
   Yard requirements for large-scale housing developments, CO 357.10
   Yards for mixed occupancy buildings used in part for Residential or Institutional H, CO 357.03
Statutory reference:
   Off-street parking facilities, RC 717.05 et seq.