Title I: General Offenses
   Chapter 601   General Provisions and Penalty
   Chapter 602   Facial Coverings and Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
   Chapter 603   Animals and Fowl
   Chapter 603A   Exotic Animals
   Chapter 604   Dogs That Pose a Threat to Public Safety
   Chapter 605   Disorderly Conduct and Activity
   Chapter 607   Drug Abuse Control
   Chapter 609   Family Offenses
   Chapter 611   Gambling
   Chapter 613   Littering
   Chapter 615   Law Enforcement and Public Office
   Chapter 617   Liquor Control
   Chapter 618   Liquor Permit Manager Registry
   Chapter 619   Obscenity and Sex Offenses
   Chapter 621   Offenses Against Persons
   Chapter 623   Property Offenses
   Chapter 625   Theft and Fraud
   Chapter 627   Weapons
   Chapter 627A   Possession of Firearms by Children
   Chapter 628   Gun Offender Registry
   Chapter 629   Safety and Sanitation
   Chapter 630   Criminal Activity Nuisances
   Chapter 631   Railroads
   Chapter 633   Obstruction Marking and Lighting
Title III: Consumer Protection
   Chapter 641   Definitions
   Chapter 643   Enforcement, Orders and Penalty
   Chapter 645   Prescription Drug Prices
   Chapter 647   Unit Pricing
   Chapter 649   Gasoline Prices
   Chapter 651   Packaging and Labeling
   Chapter 653   Deceptive Advertising
   Chapter 655   Returns and Refunds
   Chapter 656   Layaway Agreements
   Chapter 657   Motor Vehicle Repairs
   Chapter 659   Predatory Lending
Title V: Discrimination
   Chapter 661   Unfair Labor Practices
   Chapter 663   Fair Employment Practices
   Chapter 665   Fair Housing
   Chapter 667   Unlawful Discriminatory Conduct
Title VII: Business Regulation
   Chapter 670   Commissioning of Armed Security Guards
   Chapter 670A   Unnecessary Police Alarms
   Chapter 670B   Outdoor Pay Telephones
   Chapter 671   Auctions
   Chapter 672   Christmas Tree Sales
   Chapter 673   Going-Out-Of-Business Sales
   Chapter 674   Handgun Possession and Sale
   Chapter 674A   Late Night Retail Establishments
   Chapter 675   Street Vendors
   Chapter 675A   Street Performers
   Chapter 676   Junk and Secondhand Dealers
   Chapter 676A   Motor Vehicle Repair Garages
   Chapter 676B   Garage and Residential Personal Property Sales
   Chapter 677   Meter Readers
   Chapter 677A   Tow Trucks
   Chapter 678   Motor Vehicles and Parts
   Chapter 679   Movers
   Chapter 679A   Donation Boxes
   Chapter 680   Newspaper Dispensing Devices
   Chapter 680A   Cigarette Advertising on Publicly Visible Locations
   Chapter 680B   Alcoholic Beverage Advertising on Publicly Visible Locations
   Chapter 681   Pawnbrokers
   Chapter 681A   Precious Metals Dealers
   Chapter 682   Itinerant Vendors and Wholesale Produce Dealers
   Chapter 682A   Rental Agencies
   Chapter 683   Sound Devices
   Chapter 683A   Massage Establishments
   Chapter 684   Street Action Pictures
   Chapter 685   Trailer Rental Agencies
   Chapter 686   Hospitals
   Chapter 686A   Hotels
   Chapter 686C   Used Motor Vehicle Storage Places
   Chapter 687A   Surety Bail Bond Agents
   Chapter 687B   Third-Party Food Delivery Services
Title IX: Amusements
   Chapter 687   Amusement Parks
   Chapter 688   Billiard Rooms
   Chapter 689   Bowling Alleys
   Chapter 690   Dance Halls and Dances
   Chapter 691   Karting Parks and Saucer Tracks
   Chapter 692   Music Entertainment
   Chapter 692A   Coin Operated Amusement Devices
   Chapter 693   Picture Machines and Theaters
   Chapter 694   Roller Rinks
   Chapter 695   Shooting Galleries
   Chapter 696   Teen Clubs
   Chapter 697   Temporary Shows
   Chapter 697A   Major Qualifying Events
   Chapter 698   Ticket Brokers
   Chapter 698A   Outdoor Sales of Tickets of Admission to Sporting Events and Other Events
   Chapter 699   Picture Arcades and Live Viewing Booths
   Chapter 699A   Community Entertainment Districts
   Chapter 699B   Designated Outdoor Refreshment Areas