Subject   Chapter
Purpose And Applicability   1
Rules Of Clarification And Definitions   2
Review And Application Fees   3
Enforcement And Zoning Administrator   4
Establishment Of Zones   5
  Agricultural Zones   5A
  Residential Zones   5B
  Planned Development Zones   5C
  Office And Research Park Zones   5D
  Commercial Zones   5E
  Manufacturing Zones   5F
  Public Facilities Zone   5G
  Parks, Recreation And Open Space Zone   5H
  City Center Zones   5I
  West Side Planning Area Zones   5J
  Airport Special Purpose Zone   5K
Overlay Zoning Districts   6
  Airport Overlay Zone   6A
  Redwood Road Overlay Zone   6B
  Historic Districts, Sites And Buildings Overlay Zone   6C
  Hillside Development Overlay Zone   6D
  Floodplain Overlay Zone   6E
  Drinking Water Source Protection Overlay Zones   6F
  Transit Station Overlay District   6G
  Senior Housing Overlay District   6H
  Infill Development Overlay District   6I
  Residential Overlay District   6J
  Interchange Overlay Zone (IOZ)   6K
Development Procedures   7
  Adequate Public Facilities   7A
  Site Plans   7B
  General Plan Amendments   7C
  Zoning Ordinance Amendments   7D
  Conditional Use Permits   7E
  Temporary Use Permits   7F
  Variances   7G
  Residential Construction Not In Recorded Subdivision   7H
Supplementary And Qualifying Standards   8
Nonconforming Structures And Uses   9
Urban Design Standards   10
Home Occupations   11
Off Street Parking   12
Landscaping Requirements   13
Fencing And Screening   14
Public Utilities   15
Low Power Radio Service Antennas   16
Signs   17
Urban Forestry   18