A.   Prior to the suspension or revocation of a land disturbance permit, an authorized enforcement official shall give the land disturbance permit holder written notice of violation pursuant to title 16 of this Code indicating intention to suspend or revoke the land disturbance permit. With the consent of the land disturbance permit holder, the time periods called for in title 16 of this Code may be shortened or extended.
   B.   Where an unacceptable level of risk to public health, safety and welfare would incur from any delay, the notification deadlines may be disregarded and an authorized enforcement official may act decisively to reduce or eliminate the hazard. In such a situation, the emergency order procedures of title 16 of this Code will be followed. Costs, including additional City staff time and equipment, shall be borne by the land disturbance permit holder. (2001 Code § 81-6-050; amd. Ord. 12-10, 4-25-2012, eff. 7-1-2012; Ord. 19-12, 2-27-2019)