3-1-1: Purpose and Scope
3-1-2: Definitions
3-1-3: General Purchasing Requirements
3-1-4: Procurement Authority
3-1-5: General Formal Competitive Solicitation Threshold
3-1-6: Formal Competitive Solicitation Thresholds for Individual Categories
3-1-7: Competitive Solicitation Methods and Processes
3-1-8: Informal Competitive Solicitation
3-1-9: Formal Competitive Solicitation
3-1-10: Additional Procurement Processes
3-1-11: Exceptions to Competitive Solicitation Requirements
3-1-12: Debarment and Suspension
3-1-13: Purchasing Card Issuance and Approvals
3-1-14: Contract Administration
3-1-15: Construction Projects
3-1-16: Right to Inspect Place of Business of Contractors and Suppliers
3-1-17: Protests and Appeals
3-1-18: Ethical Standards for Current and Former City Officers and Employees
3-1-19: Management, Disposal, and Donation of Personal and Real Property