The city council may assign one of its members to serve as an ex officio nonvoting member of any committee or support organization; however, failure to do so or the failure of the liaison representative to attend any meeting shall not affect the validity of any otherwise lawful act of the committee. The term of an ex officio member of a committee or support organization will end at the earlier of: a) when another council member is assigned to replace that person, or b) when that person no longer holds the ex officio government position. (2001 Code § 2-6-115; 2009 Code § 2-1-15; amd. Ord. 10-08, 2-24-2010; Ord. 19-16, 4-10-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020; Ord. 20-38, 9-30-2020)