It is a violation of this title to:
   A.   Use any land, building or structure for any purpose or use not allowed in the zone in which such land, building and structure is located;
   B.   To engage in any subdivision of land and improvements thereon without all of the required permits, approvals, certificates and other forms of authorization required by this title or other city ordinance;
   C.   Fail to comply with this title or any condition imposed by the development services department, zoning administrator, board of adjustment, planning commission, city council, or other duly authorized city officer.
   D.   Interfere in any way with enforcement action under this chapter.
   E.   Fail to comply with any enforcement action under this chapter. (2001 Code § 87-8-103; amd. 2009 Code; Ord. 19-51, 12-11-2019, Effective at 12 noon on January 6, 2020)