Sec. 7B-3. Findings; purpose.
   (a)   The mayor and council finds that the city's streets constitute valuable public property,
   (1)   Having been acquired and maintained by the city over many years at taxpayer expense;
   (2)   Being capable of providing rights-of-way uniquely valuable to private companies in their respective businesses for providing telecommunications services for hire;
   (3)   Constituting public investments for which the taxpayers are entitled to a fair monetary return on the city's past and future investment in the city's infrastructure; and
   (4)   Comprising significant assets which should be managed fairly and appropriately to enhance the public safety and economy.
   (b)   Therefore, this chapter is intended:
   (1)   To regulate the provision of long distance competitive access services and competitive telecommunications services within the jurisdiction of the city;
   (2)   To provide for the payment of certain fees; and other valuable considerations to the city to allow the construction, operation, use and development of the system within the city;
   (3)   To provide conditions under which the system will serve present and future needs of government, public institutions, commercial enterprises, lawful public and private organizations, and the citizens and general public of the city; and
   (4)   To provide remedies and prescribe penalties for any violation of this chapter.
(Ord. No. 8522, § 1, 6-12-95)