Sec. 7B-15. Use, rental or lease of utility poles and facilities.
The licensee or franchisee assumes all responsibility for gaining permission from any electric, gas or telephone utility or any other authorized entity in the city for the use, rental or lease of poles, underground conduits and other structures and facilities for the purpose of extending, carrying or laying the licensee or franchisee's wires, cables, electronic conductors and other facilities and appurtenances necessary or desirable in conjunction with the establishment and operation of the system. The city agrees that any public utility owning or controlling such poles or underground conduits may, without amendment to any franchise agreement it may have with the city, allow and is encouraged to allow the licensee or franchisee to make such use thereof pursuant to any agreement reached between such utility and the licensee or franchisee.
(Ord. No. 8522, § 1, 6-12-95; Ord. No. 8545, § 4, 7-10-95)