Sec. 7B-34. Application to existing systems.
In any case where a person had been previously granted a non-exclusive license or franchise for telecommunications facilities for the purpose of providing local linkage to long distance telecommunications services and that person or an assignee, duly consented to by the mayor and council, is validly operating under the terms thereof, such licensee or franchisee may continue to provide such local linkage in strict accord with its terms over existing facilities. No permits for further expansion of existing facilities will be granted without an application under this chapter. Any renewal of such continuing license, however, shall be in accord with the provisions of this chapter. At any time within one year of the enactment of this ordinance, however, the licensee or franchisee may elect to bring itself under the provisions of this chapter for the balance of the term of the subsisting license, and the terms of the subsisting license shall be deemed to conform to this chapter.
(Ord. No. 8522, ยง 1, 6-12-95)