Sec. 7B-9. Grant of authority.
   (a)   Length of license or franchise. Any license or franchise granted by the city pursuant to this chapter shall commence upon execution of the license or franchise agreement by the license or franchisee and the city and shall be for a period of fifteen (15) years, subject to the conditions and restrictions as provided in this chapter. A license or franchise agreement may be renewed pursuant to the provisions of section 7B-18 ("Renewal and Termination") of this chapter. No privilege or exemption shall be inferred from the granting of any license or franchise unless it is specifically prescribed.
   (b)   No right of property. The granting of any license or franchise pursuant to this chapter shall be a privilege and shall not impart to the license or franchisee any right of property in any city street or other city property.
   (c)   Subject to city police powers and other regulatory agencies' rules and regulations. The licensee or franchisee shall, at all times during the term of the license or franchise agreement, be subject to all lawful exercise of the police power by the city, including any and all ordinances, rules, or regulations which the city has adopted or may adopt applying to the public generally and to the licensee or franchisee, and all laws, rules, regulations, orders, and policies of the state and the United States Government. Any conflict between the provisions of this chapter and any other present or future lawful exercise of the city police powers shall be resolved in favor of the latter.
(Ord. No. 8522, § 1, 6-12-95)