Purpose and Definitions
   160.001   Purposes of this chapter
   160.002   Definitions
Requirements for Stormwater Management
General Information
   160.010   Other applicable sections
   160.011   Applicability of site runoff storage requirements (detention)
   160.012   Exemptions from site runoff storage requirements (detention)
General Stormwater Requirements
   160.013   Requirements applicable to all development
   160.014   Requirements applicable to all subdivisions and commercial developments
   160.015   Building permits
   160.016   Single parcel developments
   160.017   Overland flow paths
   160.018   Protection of buildings
   160.019   Depressional storage
Site Runoff Requirements
   160.020   Stormwater facility discharges
   160.021   Minor stormwater system criteria
   160.022   Major stormwater system criteria
   160.023   Existing sub-surface and surface drainage systems
   160.024   Design runoff rate
   160.025   Design rainfall
   160.026   Stormwater systems easements
   160.027   Flow depths
   160.028   Diversion of flow to another watershed
   160.029   Best management practices requirements
Site Runoff Storage Requirements (Detention/Extended Detention)
   160.030   Release rate
   160.031   Design methods
   160.032   Existing release rate less than allowable
   160.033   Downstream water surface elevations
   160.034   Extended detention requirement
   160.035   Site runoff storage facility design requirements
   160.036   Site runoff storage facility requirements within the regulatory floodplain
   160.037   Site runoff storage facility requirements within the regulatory floodway
   160.038   Off-site facilities
   160.039   Cross-stream structures for site runoff storage facilities
Stormwater Requirements for Agricultural Land Use Including Croplands, Pasture Lands, and Farmsteads
   160.040   Applicability
   160.041   Conservation planning and performance standards
   160.042   Drainage practices, requirements and design criteria
   160.043   Sediment control for open channels
   160.044   Maintenance and construction of drainage systems
Sediment and Erosion Control
   160.055   Site planning
   160.056   Standards and specifications
   160.057   General requirements
   160.058   Extended construction shutdown periods
   160.059   Hydraulic and hydrologic design requirements
   160.060   "As-needed" practices on the plans
   160.061   Sediment and erosion control plan requirements
   160.062   Conveyance of off-site flow
   160.063   Stockpiles
   160.064   Storm sewer inlets
   160.065   Construction dewatering
   160.066   Protection of public/private roadways
   160.067   Temporary stream crossings
   160.068   Inspections
Protection of Special Management Areas
   160.080   Floodplains and floodways
   160.081   Floodplain, regulatory floodplain, base flood elevation (BFE) and regulatory floodway locations
   160.082   General performance standards
   160.083   Compensatory storage volume standards
   160.084   Floodway standards
   160.085   Riverine floodplain
   160.086   Bridge and culvert standards
Stream and Wetlands Protection
   160.087   Authority
   160.088   Title
   160.089   Purpose and intent
   160.090   Site development permit
   160.091   General provisions: area affected
   160.092   Watercourse relocation and minor modifications (including channelization and relocation)
   160.093   Impact assessment
   160.094   Stream maintenance easement
   160.095   Threatened and endangered species
   160.096   Security
   160.097   Liability
   160.098   Separability
   160.099   Retroactivity
   160.100   Enforcement
Stormwater Management Permit Submittal Requirements
General Requirements
   160.110   Stormwater management and other permits required
   160.111   Permit review fees
   160.112   Professional seals and certifications required
Duration and Revision to Permits
   160.113   Permit expiration
   160.114   Permit extension
   160.115   Permit revision
Required Submittals
   160.116   Generally
   160.117   Modification of submittal requirements
   160.118   Applications and project overview
   160.119   Plan set submittal
   160.120   Stormwater submittal
   160.121   Floodplain submittal
Submittal Prior to Permit Issuance
   160.122   Additional submittals required
   160.123   Performance security
   160.124   Maintenance schedule and funding
   160.125   Record drawings
   160.126   Issuance or denial of permit and appeal of permit denial
Long-Term Maintenance
   160.135   Long-term maintenance
   160.136   Transfer to permitting authority or other public entity
   160.137   Transfer to homeowner's or similar association
   160.138   Conveyance to one or more persons
   160.139   Incorporation of maintenance obligations in stormwater management permit
   160.140   Funding of long-term maintenance of stormwater facilities
Enforcement and Penalties
   160.150   Inspection and maintenance authority
   160.151   Required inspections
   160.152   Offenses
   160.153   Offenses; penalties: remedies
   160.154   Violations of §§ 160.040 through 160.044
General Provisions
   160.165   Scope of regulation
   160.166   Exemptions
   160.167   Community's list of proposed exempt developments
   160.168   Interpretation
   160.169   Warning and disclaimer of liability
   160.170   Violations
   160.171   Severability
   160.172   Repealer
   160.173   Effective date
   160.185   Purpose
   160.186   Application for variances
   160.187   Application fee
   160.188   Public hearing
   160.189   Granting of variances
   160.190   Recommendations
   160.191   Decision
   160.192   Conditions
   160.200   Responsibility for administration
   160.201   Duties of Director
   160.202   Duties of Administrator
   160.203   Representative capacity
   160.204   Oversight Committee
   160.205   Service
   160.206   Publication
Performance Security
   160.215   General security requirements
   160.216   Development security
   160.217   Sediment and erosion control security
   160.218   Letters of credit
Fee-in-lieu of On-Site Detention
   160.225   Fee-in-lieu of on-site detention
   Appendix A.   Table 1. Will County Stormwater Technical Guidance Manual Rainfall Depths and Intensities.
   Appendix B.   Table 2. Summary of Applicable Chapter Sections for Developments in Floodplains
   Appendix C.   Table 3. Permit Submittal Requirements
   Appendix D.   Table 4. Village of Romeoville List of Proposed Exempt Developments
   Appendix E.   Figure 1. Detention Volume vs. Percent Impervious Will County Rainfall
   Appendix F.   Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Panels