(A)   To comply with this section, landowners shall practice conservation planning whose product shall be a management system, which addresses site runoff, soil erosion and sediment control, surface and subsurface drainage. Any acreage with a signed and approved NRCS Conservation Plan is exempt from the requirements of this section and the chapter.
   (B)   Applicable approved practices include:
      (1)   Vegetated grass waterways;
      (2)   Contour buffer strips;
      (3)   Critical area planting and cover crops;
      (4)   Terrace ridges and diversions;
      (5)   Contour strip cropping;
      (6)   Contour fanning;
      (7)   Crop rotation;
      (8)   Conservation tillage and crop residue management;
      (9)   Other standard practices for conservation planning in accordance with the N.R.C.S. Field Office Technical Guide (current edition) or as otherwise approved by the Will County N.R.C.S. District Conservationist or the Will County Agricultural Administrator.
   (C)   The performance standard for conservation planning shall be a management system which will develop a set of field practices which will reduce the calculated actual soil loss to the "tolerable soil loss" (T) as calculated by the revised Universal Soil Loss Equation for the actual site conditions. Cropland tillage and resource management methods shall be consistent with the Technical Guide Notice Il-108 and shall be considered evidence of compliance with the "T" performance standard.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)