(A)   Any person found guilty of an offense under this chapter shall pay a civil fine in an amount not less than $25 and not more than $750. Each calendar day during which such violation continues to exist shall constitute a separate offense. Where monetary penalties are imposed for violations of §§ 160.040 through 160.044 of this chapter by regional, state or federal agencies, the amount of these other agency fines will be offset against the monetary penalties for violation of this chapter.
   (B)   In addition to any fine imposed under division (A) of this section, the Administrator or the Director may revoke any stormwater management permit issued to such person.
   (C)   In addition to any fine imposed under division (A) of this section or action taken under division (B) of this section, the Administrator or the Director may issue an order requiring the suspension of any further work on the site. Such stop-work order shall be in writing, shall indicate the reason for its issuance, and shall specify the action, if any, required to be taken in order to resume work. One copy of the stop-work order shall be posted on the site in a conspicuous place and one copy shall be delivered in the manner prescribed in § 160.205 of this chapter to the permittee, if any, or if none, to the person in whose name the site was last assessed for taxes as disclosed by the records of the Supervisor of Assessments.
   (D)   In the enforcement of this chapter, the Administrator or the Director may bring any action, legal or equitable, including an action for injunctive relief that may be necessary.
   (E)   Failure to timely comply with the requirements of division (C) of this section will result in the following fines: $1,000 assessed monthly, up to a maximum of $5,000 per annum, for failure to submit the annual inspection report, and $1,000 assessed monthly, for failure to timely complete any maintenance activities identified in the completed annual inspection report or to timely submit a required statement of completion of such activities to the Administrator.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06; Am. Ord. 14-1095, passed 2-19-14)