(A)   Unless maintenance responsibility has been delegated to and accepted by another qualified entity under this section, the owner shall maintain that portion of a stormwater drainage system located upon his or her land. With the approval of the Administrator the stormwater drainage system, or specified portions thereof, may be:
      (1)   Dedicated or otherwise transferred to and accepted by the permitting community or other public entity;
      (2)   Conveyed or otherwise transferred to and accepted by a homeowner's association, or similar entity, the members of which are to be the owners of all of the lots or parcels comprising the development; or
      (3)   Conveyed to one or more persons or in one or more undivided interests to one or more persons.
   (B)   Except for those portions of a stormwater drainage system to be dedicated or otherwise transferred to the permitting authority or other public entity, included in the application for a stormwater permit shall be a plan for the long-term management, operation and maintenance of the stormwater drainage system and a description of the sources of funding therefore. Amendments to the plan must be approved by the Administrator.
   (C)   All property owners of a retention or detention pond and/or related stormwater management facilities shall be required to comply with the requirements of a Pond Self-Inspection Program requiring the submittal of an annual inspection report of the condition of stormwater facilities and the completion of any identified required maintenance activities. The requirements of the Program (including but not limited to inspectional and maintenance standards) shall be provided by the Administrator and may be revised on an annual basis or as deemed necessary by the Administrator from time to time. The Administrator shall at all times maintain a current set for the Program requirements for public inspection and copying. Annual inspection reports shall be submitted to the village on or before July of each year. Where an annual inspection report submitted to the Administrator indicates that certain maintenance activities are necessary in order to bring the subject retention pond, detention pond or stormwater management facilities into compliance with the Program requirements and the otherwise applicable ordinances of the village, the property owner submitting the report shall complete all such required maintenance activities within 90 days of the date on which the village receives the annual inspection report, and shall likewise furnish to the village a statement within such 90 day period certifying that all maintenance activities indicated by the relevant inspection report have been completed.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06; Am. Ord. 14-1095, passed 2-19-14)