No development shall:
   (A)   Result in any new or additional expense to any person other than the developer for flood protection;
   (B)   Increase flood elevations or decrease flood conveyance capacity upstream or downstream of the area under the ownership or control of the developer. This requirement shall not prohibit the removal or reduction of built obstructions to flow, such as increasing culvert capacity or lowering roadway elevations.
   (C)   Increase runoff rates (from the 10-year event up to the 100-year event) to any downstream properties unless the developer can demonstrate that the increased runoff rates can be safely conveyed via storm sewers, ditches (if allowed), or overland flow paths to the next downstream receiving stream, lake or pond. If the developer is significantly raising runoff rates to downstream properties and cannot demonstrate downstream conveyance capacity, some amount of on-site stormwater management may be required in order to reduce the proposed runoff rate down to existing runoff rates.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)