If any portion of the stormwater drainage system is to be conveyed to one or more persons under § 160.135(A)(3), then:
   (A)   Appropriate easements for ingress and egress to and maintenance of such portions shall be reserved for the benefit of the permitting authority on the final plat;
   (B)   The final plat shall contain a legend imposing the maintenance obligations of this section upon the grantee and his or her successors in interest as a covenant running with the land and incorporating by reference the plan of long term maintenance set forth in the application for a stormwater management permit, with approved amendments;
   (C)   The final plat shall contain a legend reserving the right of the permitting authority to enter upon the land to perform the maintenance required in this section if the owner does not do so and to place a lien against the land for the cost thereof;
   (D)   Any conveyance delivered under § 160.135(A)(3), and any subsequent conveyance, shall include a covenant affirmatively imposing upon the grantee the obligations, restrictions and provisions set forth in this section and the grantee's affirmative acceptance thereof.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)