(A)   Stormwater systems shall properly incorporate and be compatible with existing subsurface and surface drainage systems including agricultural systems. Designs shall not cause damage to the existing drainage system(s) or the existing adjacent or tributary land including those with agricultural uses.
   (B)   The following principles and requirements shall be observed in the design:
      (1)   Off-site outfall. Agricultural subsurface and surface drainage systems shall be evaluated with regard to their capacity and capability to properly convey low flow groundwater and site runoff storage facility release without damage to downstream structure and land use on the adjacent property. If the outfall drain tile and surface drainage systems prove to be inadequate it will be necessary to modify the existing systems or construct new systems which will not conflict with the existing systems and will not impact the existing agricultural land use. Existing subsurface systems shall only be used with extended detention design and at the discretion of the Administrator.
      (2)   On-site. Agricultural drainage systems shall be located and evaluated on-site. All existing on-site agricultural drain tile not serving a beneficial use shall be abandoned by trench removal prior to other development and recorded on record plans. If any existing drain tiles continue to upland watersheds the developer must maintain drainage service during construction until new sewers can be installed for a permanent connection.
      (3)   Off-site tributary. Existing drainage systems shall be evaluated with regard to existing capabilities and reasonable future expansion capacities. All existing tributary drain tiles shall be incorporated into the new conduits including observation structures located at the property limits, shall provide a free flow discharge and shall not allow surface runoff to enter the system.
      (4)   New roadway construction shall preserve existing sub-surface systems within the right-of-way. Inspection wells shall be placed at the right-of-way (ROW) and tiles found to not be flowing between inspection wells at the end of the construction shall be replaced.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)