Sediment and erosion control plans shall be in accordance with §§ 160.110 through 160.126 but shall include the following;
   (A)   Detailed construction phasing plan identifying sediment and erosion control measures to be in place for each phase shall be submitted prior to stripping the site of existing vegetation or cover.
   (B)   Sediment and erosion control measures to be installed initially prior to stripping existing vegetation or mass grading shall be indicated on the plans.
   (C)   Permanent stabilization measures shall be indicated on a separate plan.
   (D)   The expected 2-year and 10-year runoff rates from all off-site areas draining into the site shall be identified on the plan.
   (E)   Methods for conveying flows through the site during construction shall be indicated. These methods must include the temporary and permanent stabilization measures to be used to reduce velocity and erosion from flow through the construction zone.
   (F)   A maintenance schedule of each measure used shall be indicated on the plan. As a minimum, all sediment and erosion control measures on-site shall be inspected weekly and also by the applicant's designee or after a one-half inch or greater rainfall event and any required repairs shall be made to keep these measures functional as designed. All repairs and modifications shall be reviewed by the Administrator or his or her designee.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)