The Administrator shall:
   (A)   Receive a listing of all required federal, state, regional and county permit applications filed for the project prior to issuing a permit under this chapter for areas covered by other stormwater related jurisdictions. The Administrator may request copies of the stormwater related permit applications;
   (B)   Ascertain whether any floodplains/ floodways exist on any site that is the subject of an application for a permit under this chapter and whether or not any new development is within the SFHA;
   (C)   Review permit applications and determine whether to issue or deny permits;
   (D)   Ensure that the required notice of an application for a variance has been given in accordance with §§ 160.205 and 160.206 of this chapter;
   (E)   Notify an applicant for a variance that such variance may result in increased rates for flood insurance;
   (F)   Notify the Director of an application for a variance CLOMR or LOMR;
   (G)   Provide for inspections of developments as required by this chapter;
   (H)   Investigate complaints of violations of this chapter within the village;
   (I)   Notify violators within regulatory floodplains that failure to comply with the provisions of the National Flood Insurance Program could make them ineligible to receive flood insurance;
   (J)   Initiate any proceeding necessary to enforce this chapter within the village;
   (K)   Advise, consult and cooperate with other governmental agencies to promote the purposes of this chapter;
   (L)   Maintain copies of all applications and submittals, federal and state permits, variances, CLOMR, LOMR, CLOMA, LOMA and all documentation associated with any of the foregoing for public inspection;
   (M)   Maintain documentation and data on the cost of any improvement to a structure in the floodplain in order to enforce the provisions of this chapter pertaining to substantial improvements to such structures; and
   (N)   Notify adjacent communities in writing 30 days prior to issuing a permit for the alteration or relocation of a watercourse.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)