(A)   This subchapter sets forth requirements for developments within floodplains and floodways. In addition, developments in the SFHA draining more than one square mile with no designated floodway must meet IDNR/OWR Ill. Admin. Code Part 3700 Rules. Projects which meet all the requirements and conditions to be considered permitted under IDNR/OWR statewide, regional and general permits, and are not in designated floodways, shall be considered to have met the technical requirements of this subchapter. References to IDNR/OWR permits or approvals in this section shall be construed as "their designee" where a portion or all of their authority has been delegated.
   (B)   All development shall meet the requirements set forth in Appendix B, Table 2 – Summary of Applicable Chapter Section for Development in Floodplains. The table is intended only as a guide to indicate the applicable chapter sections for development in floodplains.
(Ord. 06-0383, passed 3-15-06)