General Provisions
   74.001   Scope and effect of equipment requirements
Lights and Lamps
   74.015   When lighted lamps are required
   74.016   Clearance, identification and side marker lamps
   74.017   Lamps on parked vehicles
   74.018   Lamp or flag on projecting load
   74.019   Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
   74.020   Implements of husbandry or slow-moving vehicles; display of amber signal lamp
   74.021   Spot lamps and auxiliary driving lamps
   74.022   Signal lamps and signal devices
   74.023   Additional lighting equipment
   74.024   Use of headlamps
   74.025   Number of driving lamps required or permitted
   74.026   Special restrictions on lamps
   74.027   Special lighting equipment on rural mail delivery vehicles
   74.028   Oscillating, rotating or flashing lights on motor vehicles
   74.029   Operation of oscillating, rotating or flashing lights
   74.040   Brakes
   74.041   Brake fluid
   74.055   Restriction as to tire equipment
   74.056   Sale or offer of sale of First Division motor vehicle tires with other than original grooves
   74.057   Sale or offer of sale of Second Division motor vehicle tires with other than original grooves
   74.058   Sale or offer of sale of any regrooved motor vehicle tires without marking
   74.059   Operating condition of passenger car tires
Glass, Windshields and Mirrors
   74.070   Definition
   74.071   Safety glaring material in motor vehicles
   74.072   Mirrors
   74.073   Obstruction to driver’s view
Miscellaneous Requirements
   74.085   Definitions
   74.086   Horns and warning devices
   74.087   Mufflers; prevention of noise
   74.088   Gas and smoke
   74.089   Seat safety belts
   74.090   Television receivers
   74.091   Tow trucks; identification; equipment; insurance
   74.092   Suspension system
   74.093   Bumpers
   74.094   Headset receivers
Special Requirements for Vehicles of the Second Division
   74.105   Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
   74.106   Road oil vehicles
   74.107   Vehicles transporting explosives
   74.108   Vehicles transporting radioactive material
   74.109   Vehicles transporting flammable liquids when lights required; marking with reflectorized paint; placarding
   74.110   Fire apparatus; safety belts
   74.111   Prohibition; liability insurance; penalty
   74.112   Slow moving vehicle emblem
   74.113   Rear fender splash guards
Special Requirements for School Buses
   74.125   Definitions
   74.126   Color
   74.127   Identification
   74.128   Stop signal arm
   74.129   Other vehicles; color, stop signal arm and identification
   74.130   Identification, stop signal arms and special lighting when not used as a school bus
   74.131   Seat belt for driver; seat height
   74.132   Fire extinguisher
   74.133   First aid kit
   74.134   Restraining device for handicapped passengers
   74.135   Amber 3 bar clearance light
   74.136   School bus safety glass
   74.137   Crossing control arms
   74.138   Rules and regulations
   74.139   School bus driver communication devices
   74.140   Strobe lamp on school bus
   74.141   Emergency exits identification
   74.142   Noise suppression switch
   74.143   Pre- and post-trip inspection policy for school buses
   74.144   Nursery school buses
   74.145   Display of telephone number; complaint calls
Special Requirements for Religious Organization Buses
   74.160   Color and markings
   74.161   Special lighting equipment
City Vehicle Licenses
   74.175   Motor vehicle defined
   74.176   Vehicles requiring city license
   74.177   Application for license
   74.178   Exempt vehicles
   74.179   Annual license fee
   74.180   Time of payment; license year
   74.181   License
   74.182   Display of license
   74.183   Reserved
   74.184   License may be transferred
   74.185   Duplicate licenses
   74.186   Use of fund
   74.187   Illegal use
   74.188   Delegation of responsibility
Traffic Engineer and Emergency Regulations
   74.200   Office of the City Traffic Engineer
   74.201   City Traffic Engineer; general duties
   74.202   Traffic Engineer to place traffic control devices
   74.203   Traffic Engineer to mark crosswalks, safety zones and traffic lanes
   74.204   Erection of signs regulating or restricting turns
   74.205   Traffic Engineer to mark loading zones
   74.206   Marking of taxicab and bus stands
   74.207   Erection of signs indicating parking limitations
   74.208   Traffic Engineer to erect stop signs and signs regulating speed
   74.209   Traffic Engineer to erect yield right-of-way sign
   74.210   Traffic Engineer to erect additional signs
   74.211   Cooperation from other departments for personnel and supplies
   74.212   Authorization for emergency and experimental regulations
   74.213   Parking administration
   74.999   Penalty
   Bicycles, see Chapter 75
   General traffic provisions, see Chapter 70
   Pedestrians, see Chapter 72
   Traffic regulations, see Chapter 71