Special Stops Required
   73.01   Disobeyed railroad signal or flagger
   73.02   Failed to stop at railroad crossing - specific vehicles
   73.03   Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossing
   73.04   Disobeyed stop sign
   73.05   Disobeyed yield sign
   73.06   Failed to stop at sidewalk (or emerging from alley or driveway)
Stopping, Standing, Parking
   73.20   Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence district
   73.21   Persons with disabilities parking
   73.22   Impounding and removal of vehicles
   73.23   Authority of City Manager
   73.24   Duty of City Manager to maintain a public record of parking prohibitions and restrictions
   73.25   Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
   73.26   Lessors of visitor vehicles; duty upon receiving notice of violation of this subchapter or local parking regulation
   73.27   Public parking lot regulations
   73.28   Angle parking
   73.29   Parking prohibited at all times in designated places
   73.30   Parking prohibited at all times east of Sheridan Road
   73.31   Parking during certain hours in designated places
   73.32   Standing for passenger loading only
   73.33   Interference with parking enforcement
   73.34   No stopping, standing or parking
   73.35   Standing for loading only
   73.36   Bus to park only at designated stands
   73.37   Bus stands not for private use
   73.38   Standing or parking close to curb
   73.39   Unlawful parking
   73.40   Parking on parkway without permit
   73.41   Permits for parking on parkways
   73.42   Continuing violations of parking regulations
   73.43   Using vehicle for primary purpose of advertising prohibited
   73.44   Parking during snow removal operations
   73.45   Parking at Forest Park Beach
   73.46   Parking at boat launching ramp
   73.47   Prohibited truck parking
   73.48   City vehicles and city contractor exemption
   73.49   City facility parking
   73.50   Vehicle immobilization
   73.51   Conflict with other ordinances
   73.99   Penalty