General Provisions
   70.001   Short title
   70.002   Definitions
Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws
   70.015   Required obedience to traffic laws
   70.016   Obedience to police officers
   70.017   Fleeing or attempting to elude police officer
   70.018   Public officers and employees to obey act; exceptions
   70.019   Traffic laws apply to persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles
   70.020   Powers of municipalities and counties; contract with school boards, hospitals, shopping center and apartment complex owners for regulation of traffic
   70.021   Powers of municipalities and counties; regulation of traffic on private roads, streets and the like
   70.022   Reserved
   70.023   This title not to interfere with rights of owners of real property with reference thereto
Miscellaneous Provisions
   70.035   Unattended motor vehicle left illegally
   70.036   Limitations on backing
   70.037   Improper riding on motorcycle
   70.038   Riding on motorized pedalcycles
   70.039   Riding motorcycle without special equipment
   70.040   Illegal handlebars on motorcycles
   70.041   Driver’s view or driving mechanism obstructed
   70.042   Unsafe opening of vehicle doors
   70.043   Riding in towed vehicle
   70.044   Coasting
   70.045   Following fire apparatus (illegally)
   70.046   Crossed fire hose
   70.047   Driving on sidewalk
   70.048   Depositing injurious material on highway
   70.049   Passed school bus; loading or unloading
   70.050   Illegal school bus operation
   70.051   School buses; stopping, loading and discharging passengers
   70.052   Obstructing person in highways
   70.053   Reserved
   70.054   Funeral processions
   70.055   Reserved
   70.056   Reserved
   70.057   Reserved
   70.058   Blocking intersections or grade crossings
   70.059   Unlawful use or damage to highways, appurtenances and structures
   70.060   Permits for parades and processions
   70.061   Weight limits restricted on certain streets; through traffic and high impact traffic
   70.062   Roller skates and toy vehicles prohibited in street
   70.063   Unlawful riding
   70.064   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   70.065   Obstructing traffic
   70.066   Snow vehicles, go-carts and the like on public property
   70.067   Motor vehicles prohibited in parks and other public property
   70.068   Failure to maintain control of vehicle
   70.999   Penalty