Editor’s note:
   As one of the city’s historical documents, the city’s Charter represents the city’s fundamental or constitutional law. Therefore, in codification, changes are not made to the Charter. Instances of typographical, grammatical and punctuation errors are maintained in this Charter but are indicated by highlighting the occurrence.
All ACT to amend an Act entitled “An Act to incorporate the City of Lake Forest,” approved February 21, 1861.
   I.   Boundaries, General Powers and Formation of Wards
   II.   Officers—Their Election And Appointment
   III.   Elections
   V.   Mayor’s Court
   V.   Powers Of The City Council And Duties
   VII.   Of Taxation
   VIII.   Public Improvements And Assessments Therefore
   IX.   Collection of Taxes And Assessments
   X.   Public Schools
   XI.   Miscellaneous Provisions