General Provisions
   72.001   Applicability of chapter
   72.002   More restrictive provisions to apply
   72.003   Parking prohibited in certain areas
   72.004   Parking facility restrictions
   72.005   Method of parking
   72.006   Authority to designate 2-hour limit
   72.007   Parking in excess of 96 hours
   72.008   Parking during snow emergency
   72.009   Street sweeping
   72.010   Lights on parked vehicles
   72.011   Parking or storing trailers
   72.012   Police ordered tows/fees
   72.013   Resident only parking areas
   72.014   Parking on school property
   72.015   Parking on or around public median
   72.016   Administrative towing fee
   72.017   Resident registration
   72.018   Volunteer members to enforce parking restrictions
   72.019   Overnight parking in City of Hammond lots prohibited
   72.020   Booting of vehicles prohibited
Illegally Parked Vehicles
   72.030   Notice to be attached
   72.031   Failure to comply with notice
   72.032   Presumption of illegal act
Handicapped Parking
   72.045   Definition
   72.046   Authority to grant space
   72.047   Permit
   72.048   Grant or denial of permit
   72.049   Issuance of permit; display
   72.050   Violations
   72.051   Unauthorized use of handicapped parking space
   72.052   Length of space which is reserved for handicapped parking
Loading and Unloading Zones
   72.065   Permits required; fee
   72.066   Temporary loading zones
   72.067   Taxi loading zones
   72.068   Permanent freight loading zones
Shopping Center Parking Lots and Private Business Property
   72.080   Definitions
   72.081   City may make contracts to enforce certain parking restrictions
Automated Traffic Law Enforcement System
   72.095   Establishment
   72.096   Definitions
   72.097   Use
   72.098   Notice
   72.099   Locations
   72.100   Citations
   72.999   Penalty
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate stopping, standing and parking, see I.C. 9-21-1-3(a)(1)